Sunday, December 25, 2011

Facts About Ostrich Eggs

Remember the old Tarzan movies? One of my favorite parts of the movie was watching Jane crack open those huge ostrich eggs. The following is some fun information on ostrich eggs - in honor of Jane's cookery, of course!

1 ostrich egg is equivalent to about 2 dozen chicken eggs & weighs about 3 pounds! That's about the size of a medium-sized melon or head of cabbage! That's a lot of yolks!

One ostrich egg contains about 2,000 calories and is packed with protein. (no kidding)

1 ostrich egg would take you about 40 minutes to hard boil!

An ostrich weighs from 300 - 400 pounds and lives up to 60 years. Babies grow about 1 foot per year.

Adults stand at about 8 feet tall with males being a bit taller than the females. The neck accounts for nearly half of the ostrich's height!

The male ostrich is called a rooster and makes a noise that sounds like a BIG boom!

The females are called hens. Laying season generally beings in the middle of March and ends in the middle of August. During this time, the female will lay 1 egg every two days.

The ostrich can run up to 40 mph, just a tab faster than a Geo!

Ostrich meat is red and contains less cholesterol than beef, skinned chicken & skinned turkey!

The eyes of an ostrich are 2 times larger than its brain. That brain? Well, it weighs about the same as the egg it lays.

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